Why study in UK?

The United Kingdom (UK) is home to some of the most vibrant higher educational universities and institutions. Study in UK offers the best learning environment and an experience of a life-time, providing that distinguished choice of destination for professional education and career development. Grab it before others do!

Studying in the UK gives you a Quality Education

Universities in the United Kingdom focus on overall holistic development of students, creating distinct learning environment. The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) for Higher Education in the UK is an independent body that inspects the standards and quality of all higher educational institutions, periodically. Apart from auditing and reviewing, it identifies the best educational practices and provides constructive feedback for improvement. This guarantees that all students approach the best nature of learning and experience of the educational courses they decide to pursue. That is very reassuring, yes?

What does Study in UK offers

The UK’s academic reputation is world-renowned for long now. Universities in the UK are widely regarded as being among the best in the world. They work with skilled, statutory and administrative bodies and other employer groups to ensure their graduates are ready for the world of work. The United Kingdom is one among the world’s exceptionally well-known destinations for higher education, with more than 500,000 international students registering every year. Whoa!?

Study in UK offers Experimental Learning

Due to the short duration of courses in the UK universities, it is convenient for students to deal with their everyday expenses by working alongside their college hours. A student can work up to 20 hours a week during the duration of his or her course and full time, during the term break. Work and learn together as it will not only support one to pay their bills but also help one gain experience in their field of study. What more do you want!

Study in UK offers Unique Pedagogy

The universities in UK combine traditional lectures with a unique blend of avant-garde teaching methods, designed for creative and critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, leadership development and self-motivation. The contemporary pedagogy produces successful and versatile graduates who will be ready to step in the outside world, all set to take up professional challenges and career opportunities. Different?

Study in UK provides you with Scholarships and Funding

Funding for your study in UK can take place through various options including scholarships, grants, bursaries, fellowships, loans and financial awards. Various scholarships (https://www.scholars4dev.com/5642/scholarships-in-uk-for-international-students/) are available for students in the form of global scholarships and country specific scholarships to study in UK. Courses in the UK are also generally shorter than other countries, helping to reduce overall tuition fees and accommodation costs. Now, that’s very attracting!?

Study in UK gives you a changes to gain Work Experience

Apart from the best of the education, study in UK will give you a chance not only to gain knowledge but also to network with your fellow peers, professionals from across the globe and gain skills to help further in your career development. Thanks to the unique pedagogy followed by the educational system in the UK, you will experience a blend of both academics and field work with industry connect. Go ahead, make your plans!

Study in UK offers Future Opportunities

Studying in UK is a plus point when it comes to your career development. The experience that you will gain in your field of choice will help you in your future endeavours. Some of the universities also provide excellent placements and guide their students for internships and jobs. Education in the UK not just comes with schooling but also moulds their students for the future. That’s very promising!?

Get Easy Accommodations While you Study in UK

Student housings / dormitories are offered by most universities either in the campus or outside, as in some private universities. These dormitories will help you to not only gain friends but also with managing your expenses. Typically, they consist of 5 – 10 rooms on one floor with a common kitchen and living room. This will help you to reduce your travel costs and save time as well.

Private accommodations can be relatively expensive but they come with various options and locations. The cost can be cut down once you find a roommate and a part time job within or outside the campus to pay the bills. Pretty good?

Get Convenient Commuting While You Study in UK

Most of the major universities located in the United Kingdom have easy access to public transport. Students with on-campus accommodation need not worry as for them, the college will usually be at a walkable distance. On the other hand, students staying a little away from the college also normally have convenient commuting services. Students can also find their day-to-day requirements in and around their campuses making it easy to access. Sounds cool?

Get Extended Student Visa While You Study in UK

Most of the international students need a student visa to study in UK. Your student visa will permit you to live and study in UK throughout your course. There are different types of student visas depending on your stay in the country and the duration of your course.

Envision team members will assist you with your visa procedures before and during your travel to the UK. Students need to wait until they have an offer from the university or college before applying for a visa. The university or college will send a document called ‘Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies’ (CAS) which needs to be completed by the students and have it accepted before their arrival in the UK. Does that excite you?

 Multi-Cultural Diversity

The United Kingdom is known for their long-cherished interest shown to their royal family, which only shows how well they uphold several customs and traditions. The UK has a very inclusive population, which is open to new beliefs and cultures. It has evolved considerably and has become much more cosmopolitan and inclusive. With London, for instance, being the hub for many foreign students, the UK is regarded as a destination of great diversity for people from across the globe. Go meet the world, just while in the UK!

You May Travel Europe While Studying in UK

Brexit may have created this false notion in the minds of people that travelling to Europe would be rather difficult than what it was before, but that is not true. One can easily travel to Europe from UK, which makes studying in UK much more fulfilling. The chance to explore the world, visit few more brand-new countries with exciting new perspectives, traditions and events, is something everybody looks forward to doing at least once in their lives, and you can have this special opportunity to do so as well, by studying in UK. So, what are you waiting for?

Hone Your Language Skills While Studying in UK

You can hear several different accent styles in the UK. This will help you converse easily with every native speaker of English. You will also see several individuals who have just travelled to the UK, strengthen their language skills. One can also hear various accents in non-native English, which will help you build a group of fellow students who will benefit you in honing your over language skills. Nice?

Study in UK offers Health Benefits and Insurance

The NHS (National Health Service) of the UK is among the best healthcare services in the world and delivers safe and modern treatment.  Whilst studying in UK, foreign students do not require private medical care, as the medical insurance is covered by paying for the visa. Being registered in the NHS has several benefits one of which is that you will get the same treatment as the UK citizens receive. Thanks to UK!?

Explore Europe-UK’s Largest Library??

Last of the star attractions to study in UK but definitely not the least, you may want to access / visit the Library of Birmingham, which houses a million+ printed volumes, the largest number held by any public library in the UK. It has a world class collection of archives, photographs and rarest of rare books. The library also contains one of the world’s largest Shakespeare collections and so many other golden classics.

There is more. An outdoor amphitheater that provides performance space for music, drama, poetry reading and other such social events. The social interactions and happy ambiance like these will only make your stay in the UK merrier.

The question is, are you ready to fly!?


Frequently Asked Questions for Study in UK

Q1. As a student can I study in UK and work simultaneously? Do students find part-time work?

Yes. An International student can work while studying in the UK. Universities in the UK offer students on-campus jobs; students may also take up off-campus jobs. Jobs are available in university cafeterias, libraries, teaching assistants,s and more. Off-campus jobs can be found in cafeterias, restaurants, etc.

The number of hours an international student can work is highlighted on the sticker in the passport. The maximum and a minimum number of hours a student can work may also be prescribed by the university.

Q2. Which English language test should I take to study in UK?

Universities require international students to prove their English proficiency meets the requirement of the course and level of study. Different universities may require different language proficiency tests to accept students.

The most accepted English proficiency test is the IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

Q3. How many funds are required for a Student Visa to Study in UK?

The student needs to produce proof of funds in her/his bank account for at least 28 consecutive days. The last date of the 28-day period should be within 31 days of the date you apply for your visa.

E.g. If you are to make the application for your visa on the 1st Jan 2021, the funds should consecutively exist in your account for at least 28 days ending on the 1st Dec

The amount you will need to support yourself depends on where you will be studying –

A course in London – £1,334 per month (up to 9 months)

A course outside London – £1,023 per month (up to 9 months)


If you are pursuing a 1 year Master’s program and your tuition fees are £14,500 – you have paid a deposit of £4,000 deposit and an extra £2,000 towards your fees.

Then, the amount you must show:  £14,500 – £4000 – £2000 = £8,500 for your tuition fees


£9,385.00 (£1,023 × 9 months) for living outside London OR £12,006.00 (£1,334 × 9 months) for living in London

Q4. I may need assistance improving my English language, where and how can I seek help?

After meeting the English language requirement, if a student feels like they need assistance with further improving their language skills, universities offer language support assistance to help improve reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. If there are other languages a student may like to learn, they can take those up as well.

Q5. Can I get scholarships in the UK as an international student?

There are many scholarships available for students to study in the UK. Scholarships and financial assistance are awarded by the Government. Individual institutions also make scholarships available to international students.

Scholarships can be need-based or merit-based. Numerous grants, bursaries, and schemes can be availed by students depending on their native country.

Q6. Am I allowed to extend my stay in the UK post studies?

One can apply to extend their stay in the UK post completion of their study. The nature of the visa, employment, and stay period are factors to be considered while applying for a work visa.

Q7. Type of accommodation for an international student in the UK?

Some universities offer halls of residence for international students. The UK has many off-campus residence halls. Depending on the budget you set for yourself, you may even opt to rent an apartment or share your living accommodation with a roommate.

Q8. Areas of education the UK leads in?

The UK leads globally in the education it offers in the fields of science, engineering, science, law, art & design, and business & management

Q9. Are Internships available for international students to study in UK?

Internships may be available as part of your chosen course.

Q10. How is the weather in UK?

The weather in the UK can be unpredictable. The UK does not receive rain in one particular season – it rains in the UK all year round. The average temperatures during summer in the UK can range from 9-to 18 degrees.  During a heat wave, the temperatures could climb as high as 30 degrees.

Winter temperatures range between 2 and 7 degrees, temperatures, however, can drop to 0 degrees.

UK weather can be unpredictable, by is seldom extreme. The average summer temperatures in the UK range from 9–18 degrees Celsius, while winter temperatures range from 2 and 7 degrees Celsius.

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