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Cost of living in Canada

Cost of Accommodation
On campus accommodation can range between CAD 8,000 to CAD 10,000 (annually) and living in a shared apartment can cost you around CAD 400 to CAD 700 per month depending on where you stay and during which time of the year.

On campus there are also several residential facilities offered to international students. You can also opt for shared accommodation with fellow Indian students.

Miscellaneous Expenses
As a student in a foreign country, keep track of your expenses so that you do not overspend. Living in Canada can cost close to CAD 15,000.

Health Insurance
All international students need to have medical insurance before the start of their course. The cost for the same is between CAD 300- CAD 800 a year.

Taxable Income
If you are an Indian student studying in Canada and holding a Social Insurance number, you are permitted to work uptown 20 hours a week during the scholastic year, and full-time during vacations. This income is taxable, and even a scholarship or financial assistance from the institution may be taxed.

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