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Cost of studying and living in Ireland

Studying abroad can be costly, yet fortunately, Ireland has quality training and educational cost are lower than numerous nations.

In Ireland, the length of graduation courses is for the most part a year unlike other nations where it ranges from 16-24 months.

Along these lines, as an understudy from India, it makes for an entirely attractive spot to learn at, with lots of development openings.

Tuition fees make up the bulk of the expenses you will have in Ireland.

Undergraduate program€10,000 to €25,000
Postgraduate master's degree€9,000 to €35,000
Doctoral degree€9,000 to €30,000

In Ireland, many institutions offer on campus accommodation to international students.

However you also have the option to live off campus. Depending on the time of the year and your location this can cost close to €427 per month.

Another expense that you will have to incur when moving to Ireland is that of your student visa.

This costs  €60 for a single entry visa and  €100 for a multiple entry visa.

In order to meet other expenses of living in Ireland, a decent budget would be around €7,000 to €12,000.

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