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Education System In Australia

By opting to study in Australia, you can rest assured of some of the best quality education in the world. It’s schools and universities constantly rank among the best in the world and are well known for their research and training methodologies.

In Australia, their education system is defined by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), the national policy established in 1995.

This defines the standards of qualifications across the tertiary education sector (higher education, vocational education and training) in addition to the school leaving certificate, which is known as the Senior Secondary Certificate of Education. Under the AQF, your degree is recognized and authorized by the government.

As a part of the AQF, it comprises 10 levels that interconnects various schools, colleges, universities and educational institutions as one single national system. This gives students the freedom of choice and better career planning should they move from one study level to another while fulfilling their student visa requirements.

In Australia, the highest level of education is University level. There are 41 universities in total, of which 39 are public universities 2 are private. These offer bachelor degrees or postgraduate courses which can comprise certificate, postgraduate diploma, master and doctoral programs.

You also have the option to take up vocational courses that function as a gateway to study at a university or enter the job market.

In Australia, universities and private colleges both offer postgraduate courses. Master’s degrees have three formats: Master’s degree (coursework), Master’s degree (research) and Master’s degree (extended). Similarly, at a PhD level, there are Research doctorate (PhD) and Professional doctorate.

At a post graduate level, you must have a high level of proficiency in English as well as a strong academic record.

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