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Education system in Ireland

In Ireland, the education system is similar to that in the UK, which explains why both are
well known for their high quality of education.

The system here is broken down into 4 levels:

  • Primary education including pre-primary
  • Post primary education
  • Further education and training
  • Higher education


In Ireland, the NFQ measures and analyses learning standards, achievements, and monitors the transfer of students between institutions. Degrees earned under the NFQ are recognized by the European Qualification Framework, your degree is accepted and recognized globally.

Higher education takes place over 2 semesters during the year which are as follows:

  • First semester: Begins in September and goes on till December
    Christmas break: December to January
  • Second semester: Commences late January and ends in May
    Summer break: May till early September


After graduating, the Irish government allows students to stay on for a period of up to 2 years to work in the country.

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