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Employment Prospects and Health Support In Canada

In a student-friendly offering, Canada offers work rights to international students who are allowed to take up jobs while studying, as well as on completion of their course.

Since June 2014, students need not apply for a separate work visa. In fact, many institutions in the country have also started to offer structed courses that are a mix of classroom lectures and corporate training.

Upon completion of their course, international students have the opportunity to work in the country for up to 3 years by applying for the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP). Thereafter you also have the option to apply for permanent residency if you meet the required criteria.

Acclimatizing to a new country can no doubt be challenging, and in case you feel uneasy or require any medical assistance, there is plenty of help available.

Universities offer dedicated support to international students by hosting programmes and orientations. These are sometimes also accompanied by employment and internship opportunities. There are also various on and off campus student associations to help you meet and associate with individuals from your home country.

Many institutions often provide international students with health insurance. Make sure to discuss this with your counselor at Envision before you move to Canada.

We also recommend that you register with a local doctor or medical practitioner on campus.

In case of an emergency, the national toll-free number is 911 and can be used to reach out to police, fire, and ambulance services.



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