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Frequently Asked Questions about Ireland

Q. Is it safe to study in Ireland?
A. Even though many parts of Ireland are urban areas, their crime rate is relatively low. However just as you would in any country, including your hometown, we recommend keeping a watch on your personal items at all times.

Q. What are the best courses to undertake in Ireland?
A. Ireland offers international students an amazing amount of exposure, and is particularly known for being a hub for culture, religion, history, business, and politics.

As a literature student you will learn about Ireland’s great writers Oscar Wilde and Samuel Beckett. Ireland is also an excellent country to study theater, and  STEM subjects.

Ireland is also the hub for some of the top MNC’s and IT firms making it a technology friendly country offering top courses in the IT sector.

Q, Do I need to have medical insurance?
A. All international students are required to have at least a basic medical policy. Proof of this must be submitted when applying for your visa. Many institutions also have group insurance schemes which cost comparatively less between €500 and €1000 annually.

Q. Can I work while studying?
A. As a student you can work up to 20 hours a week during the term, and 40 hours a week
during holidays.

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