Studying abroad in the UK in times of COVID-19

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to be a part of our lives in 2021. Uncertainty looms over international travel; travel bans and restrictions have kept students away from their study destinations.

Countries are updating their Covid-19 regulations almost on the daily. Students have to keep updated with the norms and travel regulations while juggling online learning, and assignments.

UK Universities during Covid-19

  • UK universities place in priority the safety and wellbeing of their students. UK’s universities have adjusted and successfully tackled hurdles from the advent of the pandemic.
  • Universities across the UK have put in place several Covid-19 support services to assist international students – airport pick-up services, 24/7 helplines for students, and free counseling and mental health support services.
  • Universities are offering students flexibility to study online or pushing the start dates further.

Travel to UK in times of Covid-19

  • Currently, international students can travel to the UK.
  • Some universities in the UK like the UCL, have asked students to return to the UK only after mid-February.
  • Travel restrictions were declared for some countries, while UK borders were open to a few. Meaning that travellers from countries in corridor agreements with the UK, do not need to self-isolate upon arrival in the UK.
  • However, the recent updates sight all travel corridors to the UK be suspended until notified.
  • Travel from any country will have to test negative for the Coivd-19 virus, and need to be isolated
  • To travel to the UK, the traveler must fill a passenger locator form and submit it within 48 hours of arriving in the UK.
  • The form requires the passenger to fill in their passport information, travel details and the address you will be staying at in the UK.
  • Visit the UK government website to access the form
  • From January 2021, the government of UK requires travellers to submit a negative Coivd-19 test as proof to enter the UK.
  • The test must not be older than 3 days before departing the native country.
  • The test is necessary despite vaccinated
  • The test can be presented in printed form, a text or email on a device, and must include the following set of information –
    1. The name should match the name on your travel documents
    2. Date of Birth
    3. Result of the test
    4. The date of test – either the day the sample was collected or received by the test subject
    5. Name and contact details of the lab
    6. Type of test device used
  • Self-isolation of 10 days is imperative despite producing a negative Covid-19 result
  • Furthermore, the traveller mandatorily must also take two further tests- on the second day and the eight day of quarantine.

Travel – Traffic- light system for international student

  • Green – Travellers from countries classified green, will not have to isolate on arrival to the UK
  • Amber – Travellers from countries classified amber, have to isolate and quarantine when on arrival to the UK
  • Red – Travellers from countries classified red will have to follow strict quarantine rules

Health Service

  • National Health Service (NHS) is available to all international students.
  • Online Covid-19 advice can be assess by calling 111; this service is the undertaking of the National Health Service (NHS)
  • Students are asked to adhere mask wearing guidelines – face masks covering the nose and mouth

Vaccine rollout and international student vaccination

  • By the summer of 2021, the UK will be fully vaccinated. Entry for international students will possible by September of 2021.
  • International students can have access to the various vaccines available in the UK.

Visa and travel

  • Students, who do not wish to travel to the UK but have been issued visas, should keep their university/institution informed; so that the visa status is kept updated.
  • Students, who will to defer their studies, should apply for a new visa.

Quarantine costs to be covered by UK universities

  • International students travelling to the UK will have to quarantine for 10 days. Quarantine hotel accommodation and test cost of up to £1,750 will be borne by the universities in the UK.

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