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Scholarship Information

A Scholarship is a financial grant rewarded to a deserving student to assist their training. They are given out to students who apply and meet a set of pre-determined terms, which are decided by the issuing organisation.

Scholarships are particularly helpful in aiding students to be able to study abroad, without the financial burden. The sums given out vary and typically cover tuition and accommodation expenses.

Some of the scholarships available are:
Scholarships Based on Merit
These scholarships are given to students based on their performance in certain subjects or sports, which caused them to excel in their chosen field of interest.

Student Specific Scholarships
These are given to students belonging to a specific sex, race, religion, ethnicity or clinical history.

Need Based Scholarships
Need based Scholarships are awards offered to enable a deserving student to meet his/her school costs. Qualification depends exclusively on the benefits and the financial position of the student and their family.

Program/Career Based Scholarships
These are offered by individuals in association with a college, university or institution. They are given to students based on their academic records and achievements.

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