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University and Course Selection

At ENVISION our counsellors are committed to assisting you with finding the best courses and Universities most aligned with your goals and interests.

With such a significant number of courses and colleges to choose from , selecting  where and what  can be an overwhelming assignment. Our team of professionals is here to help you during the complete procedure. Our counsellors work with a complex information coordinating framework that contains all the most recent data on universities, vocational institutions, schools and colleges.

We use market intelligence, data and strategy and aim at enhancing a student’s profile whilst encouraging them to push boundaries and explore their complete potential.

We also understand that every student’s needs are different. You may flourish in an energetic city or you may incline toward a quieter, country area. You may also be looking for a university with a particular social club or sports team or any area which maybe a commercial hub for a particular industry. At Envision we consider your needs and preferences in entirety as we assist you with making your selection and streamlining your applications.

In addition, we also take into consideration individual financial budgets and appropriate timelines. Different countries and institutions have different points of entry and Intake periods.

Below are some of the most popular Study destinations and a brief idea of their intakes. Please note these are indicative time periods and may vary from institution to institution.


Country Intake Month
UK Intake September / October
  Intake January
  Intake April
Australia Summer Intake February / Early March
  Spring Intake Late July / Early August
Canada Fall Intake August / September
  Spring Intake January / February
  Summer Intake May / June
New Zealand Intake  February
  Intake July
Ireland Fall Intake September / October
  Spring Intake January / February
USA Fall Intake August /September
  Spring Intake January
  Summer Intake May





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