Students from all around the globe come to experience world-class education in the UK. Culture, food, education, transportation, lifestyle, cost, are various factors one may consider as a student visiting the UK for the first time.  More often than not these factors carry misconceptions. Through this article, we seek to dispel the myths about studying in the UK. 

Myth 1 – Study in the UK is more expensive

Thousands of students hold the UK in high regard for its excellence and highly acclaimed pedagogy. The pedestal on which the educational institutions in the UK stand makes many Indian students believe that education in the UK is expensive.

The estimated cost of studying in the UK on average is 25000 GBP which is higher than in most countries.

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Fact – Short courses; lesser overall expense

Indian students may choose from a wide array of courses offering flexibility. Typically Indian students at master degree programs can complete the course in 12 months. The same course in other countries takes twice the duration. Thus, the cost of living, tuition and other expenses carried with an extended study is averted.

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Myth 2 – There is a shortage of jobs for international students in the UK

Fact – Students may begin by searching for employment on campuses of their university. There are ample opportunities for part-time work. Outside their campus, students can work in retail, restaurants, cafes, coffee houses, bars, and jobs at the Student unions.  There are many courses in the UK with programs coupled with industrial experience.

The number of employment hours a student can dedicate to their part-time job depends on the type of visa issued. Likewise, the number of hours of internship is dependent on the university.

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Myth 3 – Accommodation is expensive

Fact- Accommodations to suit every budget are available for students to choose from. To begin with, students may enquire with their universities for accommodation. Many universities in the UK provide accommodation on campus.

Students may room sharing with other students to save costs. Students with the capacity to spend more may choose self-accommodations as well.

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Myth 4- Study in the UK does not appeal to employers

Fact- Quite contrary to the myth; employers show affinity to students that have experience with international study. To an employer, it presents the candidate’s skill, excellence, ability, confidence, and conviction to excel outside their comfort zone.

The employability for students graduating through the institutes of London is high. For a student study in the UK is an asset to their carrier.

Myth 5 – Studying in a foreign country is dangerous

Facts- No country is perfect. Crimes happen across the world, but in the UK there is little for you to worry about. A program is accepted and made available to international students only when thoroughly scrutinized. The government and universities place the safety and well-being of their students first.


Myth 6 – Living in the UK cost a lot of money

Facts- With an NUS TOTUM students can avail discounts on almost anything from food, books, stationery, clothing and more. Discounts can be availed in supermarkets across towns and cities in the UK.

Myth 7 – Weather is not suited

Facts – The UK enjoys four distinct seasons – Summer, Autumn, Winter and Rain. Winters in the UK are very cold with snow, summers are bright and sunny, and autumn.

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