As an international student applying for a Student visa you are required to declare sufficient funds to cover your course fee and living expenses, otherwise known as maintenance requirements.  The money you will need depends entirely on the course you apply for and where you choose to live in the UK.

Financial requirement for Indian students to study in the UK

How much funds will you need?

Tuition fee

E.g. If you plan on studying a 1-year Master’s course, and are applying for a visa to study a in the UK –

Living costs

The 28-day rule 

Evidence of funds     

Students that have student loans need to provide a loan letter which:

If you are a student that is not dependent on a sponsor or a student loan, you can declare your funds from a personal account in the form of–

Money in this form should be available for immediate use

The bank statement does not need to have the bank seal

The above information can be shared as an electronic bank statement, as well

For assistance and further understanding our international adept counselors is just a call away.

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