Scholarships work to assist students with finances to make their dream of studying abroad a reality. Tuition fees, living expenses, accommodation amount for a larger budget for studying abroad. Thankfully, scholarships offer students the financial assistance they need without having to worry about funding their expenses.

So, what is a scholarship and how are they different from bursaries?

A payment made to support a student’s education, awarded on the basis of academic or other achievement defines a scholarship. Scholarships are available in plenty and are distributed to students by universities, private organization and governments. As a student you have an access to a host of scholarships awarded beyond academic merit and ethnic background.

Differences between scholarships and bursaries

A scholarship is awarded to a student based on their academic achievement, sport association or excellence in a specific area or subject targeted under the scholarship. Scholarships are non-repayable.

A bursary is the support offered to a student that meets the financial eligibility criteria. Some bursary providers require students to pledge a lieu in return or may ask that students make donations to extend their support to other deserving students. However, often time’s bursaries are non-repayable.

Are you eligible for a scholarship?

Different scholarships have different requirements that target specific students. Check and apply to understand the criteria and deadline to submit your application. Deadlines differ with scholarships and it is imperative to go through this process to ensure that you stay abreast with updates. Mentioned are common scholarship requirements –

Types of scholarships to study abroad

  1. Merit-based scholarships

  2. University or College Scholarships

  3. Financial Assistance

  4. Government-funded Scholarships

  5. Country-specific Scholarships

  6. Privately funded Scholarships

How to find a study abroad scholarship aligning with your profile

Scholarships eligibility details – academic merit, nationality, athletic merit, submission date, documents needed etc. will be listed on the website of the university you seek to apply with. Likewise, if there is a specific scholarship you are targeting, you should find details for the same on its website – e.g. Details of the Erasmus scholarship can be found on the official website –

Country study pages have a separate section of scholarships for international students. And if you want to be less bothered to scour the internet looking through an exhaustive list of possibilities to apply, our counsellors can assist you with by suggesting scholarships that aligns with your profile while making the process of application simpler.

Popular International scholarships for Indian students

  1. Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarships

  2. Fullbright-Nehru Fellowships

  3. Tata Scholarships

  4. India Global Leaders Scholarship

  5. The Felix Scholarship

  6. Orange Tulip Scholarships

  7. Charpak Master’s Program

  8. Chevening Scholarships

How can you apply for a scholarship?

How to get a scholarship

The access to international education has been easier than a decade before, the number of opportunities, scholarships, grants and loans have been instrumental in getting the world closer in terms of education.

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