Studying board is a life changing experience that brings with it personal development, career opportunities, international exposure and world class degrees. This, however, comes with a price – tuition fees, cost of living, other daily expenses, and more add up to the cost of studying abroad.
The respite to the dilemma of cost comes in form of loans and scholarships. Applying for a scholarship or a loan requires that the student be eligible; however, some students do not meet the criteria for loans, grants or scholarships and end up giving up on the idea of studying abroad.
You will be happy to learn that there are countries where you can study for free or with less expensive fees and still experience excellent education, world-class facilities, lucrative opportunities, and world -recognized degrees.
With that in mind we have curates a list of the cheapest country to study for Indian students.

• According to the DAAD, Germany has witnessed a large number of Indian students in 2020.
• The offering of free education at German public universities has become the reason for the country’s growing popularity among Indian and international students.
• To study at Germany’s public universities you will only have to pay a minimum fee towards your application and other processing charges; German public universities do not charge tuition fees for international students.
• However, lodging, transportation, food, and expenses are to be borne by the student. Despite listing all these expenses, Germany, still remains one of the cheapest country to study abroad for Indian students, with an average expenditure of under $8,400 per year


• When it comes to inexpensive study abroad destinations, France is not often the most popular choice.
• Education is France is considers to be among the best in Europe. Choosing to study in France means accessing high-quality education with superior facilities at moderate prices.
• Public institutions in France offer subsidised education, even to international students.
• Most courses, however, are taught in the country’s native language, but France, in recent times has introduced plenty of course in English, especially at the postgraduate level.
• The fee per year for a master’s program is €3,770 per year, while for a Bachelor’s program is €2,770 per year, which is still very affordable when compared to other popular study destinations.
• Depending on where you choose to live, the cost of living in France can be higher. Living in cities like Paris, Nice and Lyon can be more expensive when compared to the rest of France.
• Average monthly expenses to live in France can be around €1,000.


• Canada has remained a cherished destination for Indian students.
• The offer of higher standards of living, peaceful environment and ample of opportunities attracts many international students to the country.
• Canada has one of the largest populations of international students, and is among the top 5 best countries for international education. Many Canadian universities hold ranks in global ranking tables.
• Tuition fees in Canada range from CAD 17,000- CAD 25,000 for a master’s course, fees increase as you opt for top universities in the country.
• Living on-campus in Canada can be cheaper than off campus, you could however, share your space with roommates to reduce the costs further.
• Student visa regulations require the student to show at least CAD 10,000 to CAD11,000 towards their living expenses.

United Kingdom (UK)

• The UK was enjoys the reputation of being one of the most prestigious education destination for international students.
• The UK is home to some of the most distinguished universities like Cambridge, University of Oxford, London School of Economics, Imperial College London and more.
• UK institutions offer students the flexibility to couple courses together.
• Studying in the UK exposes you to a unique blend of teaching and creativity while helping you develop confidence and skill sets desired for a successful career.
• Moreover, degrees in the UK are completed in lesser time when compared to the USA, Canada and Australia.
• Hence, if you come to think of it you end up saving a year’s worth of tuition fee, living costs and other expenses that you would otherwise incur towards your study abroad.

• Ireland is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. The Irish are pleasant, welcoming and hospitable.
• Education has been a large contributor to the economy of Ireland. Students from all around the world are beginning to recognize Ireland to be a country with a strong education system.
• Certainly so, Ireland’s education system ranks 20th by the IMD World Competitiveness.
• The quality of education is evident in the fact that 7 Irish universities are among the top 100 universities of the world.
• However, the cost of studying in Ireland for an Indian student is around €9,850- €25,250 for undergraduate courses, while €9,500 to €34,500 for post graduate courses.
• To live in Ireland you could expect to pay an approximate of €650-€1,000 per year.

New Zealand
• New Zealand over the years has made it way to the list of the most attractive destinations for international students.
• All 8 of its universities are ranked in the QS world rankings. Study in New Zealand comes with the promise of superior quality education with highly valued international degrees.
• New Zealand brims in culture; it is a safe country with the most picturesque landscapes.
• And if this hasn’t got you convenience, tuition fees are affordable an undergraduate degree will cost you NZD 20,500 – NZD 25,000, while a Master’s degree will cost you NZD 19,000 – NZD 29,000 annually.
• Cost of living in New Zealand on average for an international student would be between NZD 13,000 and NZD 16,000, annually.

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