The number of Indian students choosing to study abroad has increased manifold. As published by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) over 1 million Indian students are studying in over 85 countries at the end of January 2021. Canada is the country of choice for most Indian students, followed by the USA, UAE, Australia and the UK. An increasing number of students are also choosing to study in China, Germany and France.

Some of the main reasons to study abroad as noticed by experts are –

  1. Excellent infrastructure
  2. Flexibility of choice and the chance to easily switch between majors
  3. Exposure to diverse nationalities and cultures

So, if you were to ask us is it worth studying abroad for Indian students, the answer would be resounding YES! And here’s why –

  1. Excellent quality education and a chance to learning from industry experts 

Envision Overseas partners with over 800 recognized and renowned universities, some of which are placed in ranking tables globally. With international education comes the opportunity to learn from dignified and eminent industry experts. Unique teaching methodology that combines practical and theoretical approach bring with it the advantage of acquiring knowledge that is to the level of corporate requirement. Moreover, universities run courses that are affiliated with corporates, where students have to spend a semester or two interning or training with industry experts. With the much needed exposure, you have added advantage in the job market for when you complete your education.

  1. Work and study

International education can be expensive, and though scholarships and grants help ease the financial burden they are awarded to those that meet the eligibility criteria. Working while studying helps you earn money, gain experience, and helps familiarise with your new surroundings.

Most countries allow their international students to work part-time for a maximum of 20 hours during a semester, and full-time for a maximum of 40 hours during semester breaks. There are ample of jobs available for part-time work across different sectors such as, retail, hospitality, agriculture, service and more. You may choose to work off-campus or on-campus depending on the jobs available.

  1. Developing a Global Outlook

Students that study abroad grow to accept, respect and develop a better understanding of other cultures. Your experience in a multicultural setting will influence you to carry the perspective into any field that you take up, be it science, medicine, engineering or politics. You and your employer will only benefit from the modern insight in problem solving. Along with the formal education you receive you will learn important life skills allowing you to think more freely, be open and creative. You will see and perceive things though a more clear and refined lens, and in the bargain will learn more about different cultures.

  1. Honing your communication skills

While you can certainly take classes to learn a new language, practicing and interacting will help you grasp the language better. The best way to become more confident in speaking the language of a country is by conversing with the locals. At first it may seem challenging, but as you learn and observe you will be surprised at how quickly you develop the confident to converse. Communicating will help you make friends, make new connections and settle down in the country sooner.

  1. International Exposure

Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to work part-time. Your experience will help you handle different situations and make you more able to live independently. Moreover, working with people from different ethnic backgrounds will help you understand their ethics; which will help you adapt better in corporate settings. Exposure to customers will help you understand foreign mannerisms, instructions and needs of a multicultural crowd. You can make new friends, build new contacts, and develop acumen while making your way through.

  1. Independence and confidence

Your study abroad will leave you with richer experiences and learning than you arrived with. You will be able to budget better, take more informed and responsible decisions, and grow holistically to be a more accepting and creative person.

Yes, there will be hardships, but you will find ways to get through. As you evolve to be a better version of yourself, you grow more independent, responsible, and determined.

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