Many students dream of studying abroad and experience the adventure that comes with it – exploring the country, trying new food, making friends, experiencing knowledge, culture and more. Myths and misconceptions with abroad study have contributed greatly in dampening the aspirations of many students.

Notions and beliefs surrounding abroad study has made it impossible for students to access the truth behind studying abroad. In this blog, we aim to disseminate sincere information while busting myths related to studying abroad.

Myth 1: Studying abroad is for students with a good academic record

Fact: Many universities accept academics and extracurricular activities 

Myth 2: Study abroad is expensive

Facts: Scholarships, grants and financial assistance are available to students

Myth 3: It’s not safe to study abroad

Fact: Universities pay attention to student safety

Myth 4: Unable to cope with the curriculum

Facts: You may settle after initial hiccups

Myth 5: International education will not be accepted in India

Facts: Experience with overseas study is valued

Indian recruiters see students with international degrees as assists to their organization. They believe that students with foreign degrees bring to the organization skill and experience of their education abroad. Law and Medicine are the only fields with the exception.

Myth 6: Language Barrier

Facts: English is understood world over

Myth 7: Indian students are treated differently

Fact : Not True, Universities prioritize the safety of their students

Misconceptions and uncertainty are a given when there are innumerable choices and possibilities. Even more stressful when you pick the option of moving out of the country. The pressure to do the right thing and not regret is exorbitant. The dilemma of selecting foreign education over Indian education is the first leap specially in the most crucial times.

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