When it comes to decide a university to apply; there are no rights or wrong questions. Through Virtual fairs you have the opportunity personally interact with a number of universities. You can leverage the knowledge of university representatives to gain resources and information that will enable you to take better decisions.

You may have questions for a number of universities which in the limited frame of time may not be addresses. Hence, it is important to attend a virtual fair with a clear set of questions which will help you decide between universities.

We are here to help you prepare yourself before attending a virtual education fair.

Questions to ask about the university

What courses should I pursue to pique my interest?

What sets your university apart? 

How much rent do international students pay? How difficult is finding campus accommodation?

Question to ask about eligibility and admission process

What requirements do I need to meet to be guaranteed a seat in the program of my interest?

What is the acceptance rate at your university?

What points should I consider to make my application attractive?

Are there advantages to submitting my application early?

What scholarships are available?

Questions to ask about …….. About career prospects

What potential does this course have in the employment space? What are the career prospects for a graduate in my field of study?  

How easy is it for a student to find jobs on campus?

Attending virtual fairs will present you with the most accurate picture of a university you have had your mind on. It is the best way to get acquainted with prospect universities that once did not make it to your priority list. While questions are necessary to make informed decisions, you may also need to work on other parts of your application, and other requirements that are vital in giving you an edge over other applicants.

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